I Can Eat Them

My son and wife invited us to their house for dinner. Both my son and daughter-in-law are great cooks. Every time they invite us over they will take turns in cooking us a special meal. This time my son cooked. He served us a piece of grilled wild cod in a light sauce, with a steamed broccoli, seasoned brussel sprouts along with guacamole, chips & salsa.

Dessert consisted of vanilla/coconut ice cream with whipped cream,topped with pecans. Along with fresh raspberries and blackberries on the side (to make us believe this dessert is a healthy one and doesn’t have a lot of calories).

Besides the delicious food, the highlight of our gathering was this conversation I had with my daughter in law while eating dessert.

Daughter-in-law – Did you eat and like your pecans?

Me – Yes I did!

Daughter-in-law –  I can eat them – (This is what I heard and she was saying it proudly)

Me – That is great, good for you!!! (I’m wondering why is she was telling me that she can eat them because I would expect a toddler to say that, not an adult)

Daughter-in-law – I can eat them (once again saying it with so much pride)

Me – I’m so proud of you (again giving her praise just like I give my grandkids, but at the same time I’m wondering again, why does she have to let me know that she can eat them)

Daughter-in-law – (This time she’s saying it slowly …. I….. candied…….. them  (and while she is saying it, she is showing me the rest of the pecans she had candied).

Me – (Bursted out laughing) Ohhhhh, I get it now… you wanted to tell me that you had candied the pecans we were eating and wanted to know if I had tasted the candied pecans and here I thought you were telling me: I can eat them

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes we hear words one way but it doesn’t come out that way and hear something else.

At this time we’re both laughing and I don’t think we will ever forget “I can eat them”


Lost Until it Begins to Frost

Saturday Night

Was the Night

To prepare for one day

That people say

Don’t be out too late

With your date

Or mate

And eat out late

Cuz you don’t want to lose

And have the blues

From staying out late

With your date

Many made up their minds to keep

Their hour of sleep

For it is clear

No need to fear

The hour is not lost

It has only been tossed

To the fall.….. when it begins to frost


Enjoy your daylight savings time!!

I’m Done with Long Hair

As a young child, I always wanted to have long hair but my mom never let my hair grow long. Every time I would ask her to let my hair grow she would always says, “when you grow older and you can take of it by yourself, you can let it grow long.” I think she didn’t let my hair grow long because she didn’t want to deal with my complaining while she would brush it. As soon as my hair grew a little below my shoulders my mom would take me to have my hair cut above my shoulders. Having it short was easy for my mom to brush and manage it and she didn’t need to do anything else. Since there wasn’t much to do with short hair. All I remember is her placing bows and Bobbie pins in my hair to hold my hair back and to keep it away from my face. My mom would also buy me head bands.  My mom was always making sure I didn’t have my hair in my face especially when I went to school. I remember when my hair started to grow below my shoulder I would often put my hair in ponytails and pigtails and often would think how nice my  short ponytails and pigtails would look if I had longer hair. My school pictures taken up to about grade 6th shows me smiling but with my hair short. By the time I was 11 years old (7th grade),  and my hair was below my shoulder and it was the beginning of me…having no more short hair and letting my hair grow long. During my teen, 20’s and 30 years, I continued to let my hair grow long and I wouldn’t cut it (only trims). My long hair was always below my waist…. I never had it above my shoulders.

When I had my daughter, I was  the opposite of my mom. She wanted my hair short and I wanted my daughter’s hair long. I only took my daughter to get her hair get a trim.

The long hair tradition continued with my daughter’s daughters. She also loves long hair on her daughters. But recently her youngest daughter’ hair was below her butt and she decided to cut it  above her waist (still long) and donate it.

Well, time has gone by and I’m done with long hair. Guess what length I have my hair? Yup….shoulder length and I don’t let it grow longer than that. My short hair length is back to where my mom always wanted my hair to have it. My mom was right, short hair is much easier to brush and manage. No wonder she always wanted my hair short.

I think one day, my daughter and her daughters will also come to a time in their life when they are done with their long hair and will also agree with my mom…..short hair is easier to brush and manage.


No One Likes to Lose

It’s in our human nature….we don’t like to lose.

We don’t like to lose our cell phone

We don’t like to lose our credit card

We don’t like to lose our wallet/purse

We don’t like to lose our keys

We don’t like to lose money

We don’t like to lose our sunglasses

We don’t like to lose our jewelry

We don’t like to lose an argument

We don’t like to lose a bet

And there is so many more things we don’t like to lose

So you get the idea…..we don’t like to lose……anything

So whether or not you like it or not

We will lose one hour of our time this weekend

But to help us get over this loss…we can keep our minds focus on how wonderful it will be to have the EXTRA DAYLIGHT that we will be gaining

One last thing to help us deal with our lost hour

Just think…..in the fall we will gain it back!


The Trail

The trial is available to all who voluntary wish to participate in using it

The trail is there for the young and old

The trail is there – rain or shine, snow or ice, cold or hot

The trail is sometimes lonely – no one is using it

The trail is sometimes poplar – a lot of people are using it

The trail is there for – runners, walkers, joggers, trotters, bike riders

The trail is there for those who can get there on their own and for those who can’t get their on their own (seniors)

The trail is there for all who wish to absorb the sunshine, out door fresh air and to help them stay active and healthy

Do you have a walking trail near you……make it happy and use it!


I AM A Winner…I Won

This weekend I enjoyed time with our grandkids and I decided to take them to our Village/Community Expo. They enjoyed going because not only did they have business booths for adults to check out but they also had a variety of different activities for them to enjoy.  Some of the activities that SWSRA, Park District and the Public Library offered were: the kids were able to take their picture and decorate a wooden frame with markers, sports stickers, letters, sparkling shapes to place it on their frame. They had coloring station where they could color and create their own drawing. They had spinning wheels for different of prizes for them. They enjoyed the jumping house. The police department offered free finger printing ID cards and another vender took their picture and made ID cards for them. They enjoyed walking around the booths and trying out the games and prizes that were being offered by some of the businesses.They also enjoyed munching on popcorn and satisfying their sweet tooth with candy and water to quench their thirst. Of course, after the all that jumping in the jumping house they built themselves quite an appetite that grandma had to go cook lunch for them. But the highlight for my 4 year old granddaughter was taking a picture with the Frozen character Elsa. It was such a cute picture because it included one of the minion character photo bombing her picture. When I showed her the picture she was so surprise to see the minion included in her picture. Her little mind didn’t get it, that the minion was photo bombing her picture with Elsa.

Well, they enjoyed walking around with me and checking out some of the business booths. I entered my name for some of the prizes and raffles they offered. I filled out my name to some of the raffles that were being offered. I fill out the raffles just as a habit because I usually don’t win and like most business who offer a prizes they usually say they will contact the winner at the end of the event. Usually by the end of the day I have forgotten what businesses I entered and what kinds of raffle or prizes they were offering.

Well, that was Saturday and I just received a text today (Monday)  from my husband saying that I won a raffle prize from the Village Expo I attended. They didn’t tell him what I had won. They only told him, to tell me, to go and claim my prize at the village hall. I’m just so excited that I won because every time they have raffles or drawings I usually don’t win and  this time I actually won. I don’t know what I won, all I know is that I won and I’m curious of  what I won because I can’t seem to remember all the raffles I entered in.

But at this point it doesn’t matter what I won….I just feel good that I received a call to say that I am a winner and I have a prize to claim. I will be a satisfied with whatever it is because right now I’m feeling happy to be a winner!!!!


The Jelly Bean Game

I love jelly beans especially the jelly belly ones. They have such a variety of flavors, it’s amazing how many great flavors they have. I think they have about all the kind of fruits and flavors you can think of. But they also have some pretty disgusting flavors. They also have some of the most disgusting flavors that you wouldn’t imagine that they would have.

Last weekend I had the experience of tasting one of their disgusting flavors while playing the jelly bean game. So my grandson had a jelly belly container filled with the great flavors and disgusting flavors. He asked if I wanted to play the jelly bean game. I hesitated because I knew they have some pretty disgusting flavors. Well I agreed, and he explained that each player would have to take the top off the jelly bean container and then one jelly bean would pop up. Without trying to smell it or nibble at it. You had to take the jelly bean and put it in your mouth and chew it up. If you got one of those disgusting flavors you were not allowed to spit it out.

As we all popped  out a jelly bean from the container we were all hoping that we all got one of the good ones. But we weren’t going to know until each one of us chewed them in our mouths. One thing about the good and bad flavors. It’s hard to figure out if we had chosen a good flavor because the disgusting flavor jelly beans looked alike from the great flavor ones. Well, to our surprise we all chose a disgusting flavor. But we all abided by the rule. No one spitted it out.

Here are some of the disgusting flavor that were tasted:

baby wipes

moldy cheese

rotten egg

and I got the  yucky, nasty, gross, awful, terrible, gruesome, lousy, worst one…skunk spray.

But believe it or not it not only tasted like skunk but also smelled like one. Not that I ever tasted skunk but I know that I have smelled it and that little black jelly bean sure smelled like skunk.  At that time I wanted to break the rule and spit it out. But I thought my grandkids kept the rule and I didn’t want to be a bad example and break it. But what I did do was immediately ran to the kitchen to eat something sweet to get that disgusting flavor out of my mouth. I don’t think I will be playing the jelly bean game again……I will continue to enjoy my favorite jelly belly flavors (coconut, peach, strawberry, mango, banana, wild cherry, tangerine and many more great flavors). No more jelly bean game for me.