Here I Am…..Here I Am

When my granddaughter was 2 years old, she used to sing us a song using her fingers. All the fingers represented a member of the family. As she sang, “Daddy finger, daddy finger where are you?” She would bring her hand from behind her and she would lift up one of her fingers that represented daddy. Then she would then sing, “here I am, here I am” She continued singing the whole song until one by one all the family members were mentioned.

Well, now she is 5 years old and she doesn’t sing that song anymore because she says, she’s a big girl now and feels that song is a baby song. But funny, she refuses to sing us the song (which we refer to it as the “Daddy song”) but her grandparents seem to sing part of that song all the time.

For example,

Every day when I come home from work or from being out. I walk into the door and if I don’t seem to hear or see my husband, I start singing….”where are you, where are you”and wherever my husband is (whether he is upstairs or downstairs) I will hear him singing (making his voice) in a childish voice: “here I am, here I am”.

Then on occasions, when I can’t find something (keys, TV remote, phone charger etc.) I will sing “where are you, where are you” (while I’m trying to find that item) then from a distant I can hear my husband’s voice in a childish tone again, (trying to be the voice of that item) “here I am, here I am”.

Amazing how these two grownups grandparents don’t feel it is a baby silly song and will sing her song all the time.


5 thoughts on “Here I Am…..Here I Am

  1. “Where is thumbkin…here I am…” is now playing in my head, a sound I sang all the time as a K teacher!! In a few years, you will have to read this post to your granddaughter and see if together you can sing it again!! I’m glad you captured this moment today and got me singing!


  2. That is just about the cutest thing I have ever heard!!! I love that you and your husband have that adorable song between you. It’s yours, and at the same time it’s your granddaughters, too!!!


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