Kids Having Fun

Kids running happily…going  everywhere, not knowing what to do first

Kids running game to game, not knowing which to play first

Kids running around with their tokens in their hands

Kids running around with their hands on a little buckets filled with tokens

Kids crawling on the floor looking for some of their tokens which have been dropped from their hands

Kids running and trying their chances to do their best at every game

Kids knowing that the better the game was played the more tickets they will get and be able to use for the bigger prize they want

Kid’s eyes wide open … as they see the tickets spitting out of the machine

Kids jumping up and down because it seems like the game machine doesn’t stop spitting out tickets for them

Kids not wanting eat anything because they don’t want to stop having fun

Kids screaming running away from that big, tall mouse dressed up

Kids running excited toward that big, tall, mouse dressed up, for they want a chance to shake his hand

Kids waiting patiently as they enter their tickets into the game machine to obtain the total number of points they earned

Kids at the counter to collect their prize(s)

Kids spending a lot of time at the counter not knowing what prize to choose

I’ve always found it amazing….how those plastic little prize toys puts a big smile on the kids

These are some of things I will see kids do today at…….Chucky Cheese


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