I Can Eat Them

My son and wife invited us to their house for dinner. Both my son and daughter-in-law are great cooks. Every time they invite us over they will take turns in cooking us a special meal. This time my son cooked. He served us a piece of grilled wild cod in a light sauce, with a steamed broccoli, seasoned brussel sprouts along with guacamole, chips & salsa.

Dessert consisted of vanilla/coconut ice cream with whipped cream,topped with pecans. Along with fresh raspberries and blackberries on the side (to make us believe this dessert is a healthy one and doesn’t have a lot of calories).

Besides the delicious food, the highlight of our gathering was this conversation I had with my daughter in law while eating dessert.

Daughter-in-law – Did you eat and like your pecans?

Me – Yes I did!

Daughter-in-law –  I can eat them – (This is what I heard and she was saying it proudly)

Me – That is great, good for you!!! (I’m wondering why is she was telling me that she can eat them because I would expect a toddler to say that, not an adult)

Daughter-in-law – I can eat them (once again saying it with so much pride)

Me – I’m so proud of you (again giving her praise just like I give my grandkids, but at the same time I’m wondering again, why does she have to let me know that she can eat them)

Daughter-in-law – (This time she’s saying it slowly …. I….. candied…….. them  (and while she is saying it, she is showing me the rest of the pecans she had candied).

Me – (Bursted out laughing) Ohhhhh, I get it now… you wanted to tell me that you had candied the pecans we were eating and wanted to know if I had tasted the candied pecans and here I thought you were telling me: I can eat them

Isn’t it amazing how sometimes we hear words one way but it doesn’t come out that way and hear something else.

At this time we’re both laughing and I don’t think we will ever forget “I can eat them”


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