I’m Done with Long Hair

As a young child, I always wanted to have long hair but my mom never let my hair grow long. Every time I would ask her to let my hair grow she would always says, “when you grow older and you can take of it by yourself, you can let it grow long.” I think she didn’t let my hair grow long because she didn’t want to deal with my complaining while she would brush it. As soon as my hair grew a little below my shoulders my mom would take me to have my hair cut above my shoulders. Having it short was easy for my mom to brush and manage it and she didn’t need to do anything else. Since there wasn’t much to do with short hair. All I remember is her placing bows and Bobbie pins in my hair to hold my hair back and to keep it away from my face. My mom would also buy me head bands.  My mom was always making sure I didn’t have my hair in my face especially when I went to school. I remember when my hair started to grow below my shoulder I would often put my hair in ponytails and pigtails and often would think how nice my  short ponytails and pigtails would look if I had longer hair. My school pictures taken up to about grade 6th shows me smiling but with my hair short. By the time I was 11 years old (7th grade),  and my hair was below my shoulder and it was the beginning of me…having no more short hair and letting my hair grow long. During my teen, 20’s and 30 years, I continued to let my hair grow long and I wouldn’t cut it (only trims). My long hair was always below my waist…. I never had it above my shoulders.

When I had my daughter, I was  the opposite of my mom. She wanted my hair short and I wanted my daughter’s hair long. I only took my daughter to get her hair get a trim.

The long hair tradition continued with my daughter’s daughters. She also loves long hair on her daughters. But recently her youngest daughter’ hair was below her butt and she decided to cut it  above her waist (still long) and donate it.

Well, time has gone by and I’m done with long hair. Guess what length I have my hair? Yup….shoulder length and I don’t let it grow longer than that. My short hair length is back to where my mom always wanted my hair to have it. My mom was right, short hair is much easier to brush and manage. No wonder she always wanted my hair short.

I think one day, my daughter and her daughters will also come to a time in their life when they are done with their long hair and will also agree with my mom…..short hair is easier to brush and manage.



One thought on “I’m Done with Long Hair

  1. “…and it was the beginning of me.” Wow – what a defining moment. We all feel so independent and as if we becoming “ourselves” in so many different ways. For you – it was determined by YOU decided the length of your hair. Then you take the story full circle as you are an adult, you have a daughter, she has daughters…you all like long hair…until YOU don’t anymore. Mom always knows best! 🙂 Cute slice!


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