I AM A Winner…I Won

This weekend I enjoyed time with our grandkids and I decided to take them to our Village/Community Expo. They enjoyed going because not only did they have business booths for adults to check out but they also had a variety of different activities for them to enjoy.  Some of the activities that SWSRA, Park District and the Public Library offered were: the kids were able to take their picture and decorate a wooden frame with markers, sports stickers, letters, sparkling shapes to place it on their frame. They had coloring station where they could color and create their own drawing. They had spinning wheels for different of prizes for them. They enjoyed the jumping house. The police department offered free finger printing ID cards and another vender took their picture and made ID cards for them. They enjoyed walking around the booths and trying out the games and prizes that were being offered by some of the businesses.They also enjoyed munching on popcorn and satisfying their sweet tooth with candy and water to quench their thirst. Of course, after the all that jumping in the jumping house they built themselves quite an appetite that grandma had to go cook lunch for them. But the highlight for my 4 year old granddaughter was taking a picture with the Frozen character Elsa. It was such a cute picture because it included one of the minion character photo bombing her picture. When I showed her the picture she was so surprise to see the minion included in her picture. Her little mind didn’t get it, that the minion was photo bombing her picture with Elsa.

Well, they enjoyed walking around with me and checking out some of the business booths. I entered my name for some of the prizes and raffles they offered. I filled out my name to some of the raffles that were being offered. I fill out the raffles just as a habit because I usually don’t win and like most business who offer a prizes they usually say they will contact the winner at the end of the event. Usually by the end of the day I have forgotten what businesses I entered and what kinds of raffle or prizes they were offering.

Well, that was Saturday and I just received a text today (Monday)  from my husband saying that I won a raffle prize from the Village Expo I attended. They didn’t tell him what I had won. They only told him, to tell me, to go and claim my prize at the village hall. I’m just so excited that I won because every time they have raffles or drawings I usually don’t win and  this time I actually won. I don’t know what I won, all I know is that I won and I’m curious of  what I won because I can’t seem to remember all the raffles I entered in.

But at this point it doesn’t matter what I won….I just feel good that I received a call to say that I am a winner and I have a prize to claim. I will be a satisfied with whatever it is because right now I’m feeling happy to be a winner!!!!



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