The Jelly Bean Game

I love jelly beans especially the jelly belly ones. They have such a variety of flavors, it’s amazing how many great flavors they have. I think they have about all the kind of fruits and flavors you can think of. But they also have some pretty disgusting flavors. They also have some of the most disgusting flavors that you wouldn’t imagine that they would have.

Last weekend I had the experience of tasting one of their disgusting flavors while playing the jelly bean game. So my grandson had a jelly belly container filled with the great flavors and disgusting flavors. He asked if I wanted to play the jelly bean game. I hesitated because I knew they have some pretty disgusting flavors. Well I agreed, and he explained that each player would have to take the top off the jelly bean container and then one jelly bean would pop up. Without trying to smell it or nibble at it. You had to take the jelly bean and put it in your mouth and chew it up. If you got one of those disgusting flavors you were not allowed to spit it out.

As we all popped  out a jelly bean from the container we were all hoping that we all got one of the good ones. But we weren’t going to know until each one of us chewed them in our mouths. One thing about the good and bad flavors. It’s hard to figure out if we had chosen a good flavor because the disgusting flavor jelly beans looked alike from the great flavor ones. Well, to our surprise we all chose a disgusting flavor. But we all abided by the rule. No one spitted it out.

Here are some of the disgusting flavor that were tasted:

baby wipes

moldy cheese

rotten egg

and I got the  yucky, nasty, gross, awful, terrible, gruesome, lousy, worst one…skunk spray.

But believe it or not it not only tasted like skunk but also smelled like one. Not that I ever tasted skunk but I know that I have smelled it and that little black jelly bean sure smelled like skunk.  At that time I wanted to break the rule and spit it out. But I thought my grandkids kept the rule and I didn’t want to be a bad example and break it. But what I did do was immediately ran to the kitchen to eat something sweet to get that disgusting flavor out of my mouth. I don’t think I will be playing the jelly bean game again……I will continue to enjoy my favorite jelly belly flavors (coconut, peach, strawberry, mango, banana, wild cherry, tangerine and many more great flavors). No more jelly bean game for me.


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