Don’t Leave Home without it?

Have you ever had one of those days in which you left your house and you forgot to inspect your purse, lunch bag and coat pockets to make sure that, that “little gadget” (your phone) is in your possession. Well today, I had one of those days and I didn’t realize I didn’t have it on me, until I arrived at work. It wasn’t until, I went into my daily routine of unloading my lunch items on my desk (before placing them in the fridge) and lastly I would place my phone next to my computer. But today, as I searched my purse, pockets and lunch bag, I realized that I had forgotten by phone at home and realized exactly where I left it…. on top of my dresser. I made the choice of not going back home to get it or having someone drop it off for me. I decided that I could do without it for one day.

It’s amazing that five years ago I would have been fine and not thinking about whether or not I had my phone….in my purse, in my coat or in my hand. Now it’s sad but my daily habit/routine before I go anywhere.  I need to inspect my purse and pockets before I leave my house to make sure I have my phone with me.  I remember before I had a phone, I was fine without one. But now, cell phones have become such an important item we must carry with us no matter where we go. This phone must be in our possession in order for us to feel connected with our  family and world. Amazing how much this little phone can do for us on a daily basis. This is where we store information such as; our contact numbers, our notes, our apps, our calendars, our bank, coupons, books, our text messages, email, music and so much more. And we feel lost without it. What’s more amazing is that we use all of these things on a daily basis. If for any reason we don’t have it for one day, we feel as if we are disconnected from the world. Amazing how this little phone has taken control of our lives.

Some years ago, there used to be a commercial on TV saying, that we shouldn’t leave home without the “American Express Card”. Well, years later, there is something new that we shouldn’t leave home without…..”Our Phone”.




5 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Home without it?

  1. Ha, nice slice! I did leave my phone at home one day, but I did realize it within 5 minutes of leaving my house, so I did turn around and went and picked it up! Don’t leave home without it! Great title


  2. I go through this same process everyday! My husband and daughters laugh at me every morning when I call to have them check that the straightener is unplugged, or running back inside after realizing I have forgotten my phone or lunch or mail…I am so glad that it is not just me!


  3. Definitely feel you on this. and when I do forget it and finally get home I am just sure I will have like 10 missed calls and all these important messages but there is always nothing. I didn’t really need it but sure did feel lost with out it!!


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