It’s Been A Slice!

Well, I come to the end of my first “Slice of Life” 31 day challenge. I must say it was really a challenge for me. I had the fear and thrill feelings just like, when I used to ride a roller coaster.


When I was asked to join, I immediately responded, “No, don’t ask me to write, I can’t”. I will admit, that has always been one of my weakness. Another respond I gave was, “No, I don’t think so” because I knew that teachers, principals, administrators and great writers would be participating and I didn’t want to write because my writing would be simple and boring.


I decided to give it a try because I was told to give it a try for a couple of days. At first when I started,  I was excited, I was writing, I was sharing, I was looking forward to it but that only lasted 4 days.


I can’t write

I don’t have time

I don’t know what to write

It’s too much pressure for me

Then in reading and comparing my slices to others (my writing compared to others, was pretty sad).


I started to see the comments (the orange slices) of some of those who were enjoying or at least reading what I shared.

Well, I must admit, I was actually enjoying it on some days. Everyday, I would read my “Slice of Life” to my husband and family. My son was impressed (with some of them) because he knew how many times I would complain to him and tell him, “I didn’t know how or what to write or why did I agree to join”. I would read them to my daughter (she lives in California), and she would notice in my voice, how excited I was to read and share them with her. On several occasions, she would say, “mom it sounds like you’re actually enjoying,…this writing thing”. Well to be honest there were days I enjoyed it and there were days, my mind would go blank and didn’t know what to write.

Well, just as I would get off the roller coaster….I would get the feeling that even though I enjoyed it and had the thrill and fear feelings for those couple of minutes, I was glad and relieved it was over. That is exactly what I am feeling at the end of this challenge. RELIEVED…..Glad it’s over!

Signing off…until the “next slice” (maybe)






2 thoughts on “It’s Been A Slice!

  1. Diana, I am so very happy that you decided to join us AND to stick with us! I watched as you tried different techniques in your writing. You took risks. You were brave. We are extremely proud of you here in the office – you ARE a Writer!!!


  2. Great job! I see new writer’s craft in your writing…a definite pattern with Fear, Thrill, Fear, Thrill. And don’t ever think it comes easy to any of us. This writing stuff is challenge!


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