Glad to Be Here

Tired, exhausted, drain out, worn out, beat, fatigued and sluggish – Words to express what I am feeling after a busy weekend.

In-sight of my busy weekend schedule

Friday Night – Attended our granddaughter’s birthday party

Energy level 100%

Talkative and laughing

Having lots of Fun

Enjoying time with Family

Eating food

Eating cake

Got home at 10:00pm but can stay up all night

Saturday – All day cleaning, laundry, running errands, then attended our niece’s birthday party

Woke up early to get ahead start on my chores, duties and errands before party

Energy level 65%

Still talkative and laughing

Having lots of Fun

Enjoy time with Family

Eating food

Eating Cake

Left party at 10:00

Sunday morning and afternoon – Attended church until 12:30, went home to change clothes, attended a baby shower for my niece

Can’t sleep in – woke up early to get ready for church

Energy level 45%

Somewhat talkative and laughing

Struggling to keep up with the fun going on

Fighting my low energy level but still trying to enjoy time with family

Ate less food

Skipped cake, ate fruit instead

Left party at 6:00

Sunday Night – Went home to change clothes again, got ready to attend an installation service for our neighbor who was being ordained as a Pastor at 7:00 pm

Energy level at 25%

Low energy level – very quiet and laughing only when needed

Not eating, only drinking water

Service ended at 9:30

Arrived home at 10:00 pm

Energy level dropped to 10%

Running on fumes – only enough energy to change into pjs

Not talking or laughing

Crawled into bed

Trying to fall sleep but can’t because I can’t unwind, but finally falling asleep then alarm sounds off and it feels as if I just got into bed.

But actually I’m glad to be here….this is a good place to relax and re-gain energy from my busy weekend. Happy Monday!









3 thoughts on “Glad to Be Here

  1. Wow, Diana! You had such a busy weekend! I don’t like those – especially when they start on Friday night – that makes for such a long weekend. I loved how you characterized each day and how you felt and what you did. The passing on the cake and eating only fruit made me chuckle. Also the part about laughing on when needed. So cute.


  2. You made me tired just reading the slice. I like that you reported your energy level. It helped to understand just how darn tired you were. Whew! The ending was great and so positive! We often look forward to the weekend. Sounds like you couldn’t wait for the week to start. 🙂 Cute slice!


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