A Childhood Memory

When Fridays comes at 4:00.  It brings me back in time to my childhood memory when I attended grade school at Sanders School in District 130. During that time I couldn’t wait for that dismissal bell to ring,(to let us know that school was out), especially those Fridays right before the weekend. I remember the teacher would dismiss us by, the row that was the quietest. I also remember that we would fold our hands together indicating we were quiet and ready for her to pick our row so that she could call our row to be dismissed. Sometimes I had classmates that made it impossible for our row to be dismissed first. After our row was called. We would then go to the coat room to get our book bag and jacket or sweater, etc.The reason I always wanted our row to get in line first, was because I was a bus rider and that meant we would get in the bus line first and that meant we would then get to be the first ones on the bus. When we got on the bus we would be able to pick the seat that we preferred. I always preferred the front seats.  I always enjoyed sitting in the front seat in back of the bus driver. I loved looking out the big wide front window that the driver used when driving. I guess one of the other reasons I preferred the front seats was because I remember the troublemakers would always sit in the back seats and I didn’t want to be by them.  Between me and friend we made a rule between us, that who ever got on the bus first, would make sure we would save a spot on the seat, for each other.

I’m sure times have changed and teachers do thinks differently. But during my times, that was the method they used to dismissed us. I look back and during our childhood it is those little pleasures that made me happy.

Being first in the bus line

Sitting in the seat in back of the driver

Seating with my friend

As I continue in life, I must also remind myself to take pleasure in the little things in my life.

Anyways, come 4:00 today I won’t hear a bell, I won’t hear anyone dismissing me to leave, and I won’t be waiting in the bus line to get that front row seat. But I will surely be happy  to get on the front seat in my van and drive myself and look out my front window (not as big as the bus) and drive home.

Let’s enjoy any little pleasure we might have this week end.  Happy Friday!


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