The Wonder of the Brain

Have you ever meet someone new and then a couple of years (or sometimes months) later you meet that person again and you have forgotten who it was. But you’re saying to yourself…I’ve seen that person, I know that person…..BUT WHERE?

You see the face……it’s so familiar

You hear the voice….It’s so familiar

Your mind races a hundred miles per hour and it tries to back track into your memory bank to help you remember exactly where you have seen and met that person.

As much as your mind is racing back in your memory bank it can’t seem to come up with the name of the person or where you have had contact with that person.

It’s almost as of we pressed the “delete” button and erased that information from our brain, and now we aren’t able to remember who she was.

But just as a computer shuts down unexpectedly and yet when we re-start it, we are able to recover our documents. I think our brains does the same thing. Our brain helps us to remember those things we have “shut out” from our memory. Then all of sudden, our brain brings it back to memory and we remember what we had forgotten.

I share this story because last week a young women entered our office. She was here to turn in the “early” registration packet.

She was very nice

Very polite

Very talkative

She even laughed a little while she was here

By her greeting, by her eye contact to each one of us and then by waving her hand out to me. I knew, she was someone we should all know, (everyone except for Jackie)! We all greeted her and made small talk with her but none of us recognized or remembered her. Yet no one wanted to ask her…..Where do we know you from and why do we all know you.

After she left, each one of us asked that important questioned: Who is she? and where do we know her from?

I’m asking – Is she someone I met at my previous district?  But if that was the case why would everyone else know her.

Lori is asking – Maybe she was a previous substitute teacher, who would like to re- apply as a sub in our district?

Kathy is asking – Is she a parent that she met when she used to work at Kolmar school?

Jackie is not asking any questions because this is the first time she sees and meets her. So she is just doing her job… being polite and helpful to our visitor.

So when the young women left, we are all trying to scramble into our memory bank and trying to remember who she was? No one seemed to remember, so we all left home for the day without knowing who she was.

Well, thank the Lord, for the younger minds (which is not mine). Lori the next day, was able to remember (maybe when she got home or during the night). She was able to tell us who this person was and why we all knew her.

She was…… the MAIL CARRIER from the Treasurer’s office. A couple a years ago, she would come 3 times a week to the district office to deliver mail and most important she would deliver payroll (how could we forget that). She did this for a couple of months, then she went on maturity leave, returned but then left again and this time didn’t return. So of course, during those months is when we all saw her and spoke with her every day.

The mystery is solved!     What a wonderful way the brain helps us with our memory.


2 thoughts on “The Wonder of the Brain

  1. You left out the part about changing the names to protect the innocent. You did change the names right? lol
    This happens to me more than I’d like to admit! I know the face, I just can’t picture where I know them from. Your mind just keeps going, thinking, school? work? grocery store? church? and then Bam, it finally hits you.
    Now I remember you!


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