Our Vows

He Promised….

To have, and to hold, from this day forward (from the first day he said “I Do” he will never leave me)

For better (enjoying me on my good days)

For worse (unfortunately, I’ve had those days too and he’s put up with me)

For richer (not necessary to become rich monetarily, but rich in our commitment and love for one another)

For poorer (he’s always done his best to bring us out, of those tough financial times we’ve gone through)

In sickness (he caters to me, to help me get better)

Or in health (he looks out for me in what I eat, to help me stay healthy)

To love (he’s loved me unconditionally)

And to cherish (he’s been faithful to me)

’till death do us part.

After 42 years of marriage (and Lord willing, more to come) he still keeps his promises.

I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful, loving, caring, faithful, and committed husband.

I, in return, will also keep my promises to him.


6 thoughts on “Our Vows

  1. This is such a sweet and loving Slice about your husband. He sounds like a really amazing guy. I like how you chose to structure this around the vows – yet how you added some personal statements about your relationship after each part. It really personalized it and gave me a glimpse into your relationship. Well done!


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