Time For A Check Up

I keep putting it off, but it’s time

I can’t let it go on any longer

Feeling sad….to see …..not functioning normal

Feeling fear…might be bad news

Symptoms being observed:

Sluggish when getting started

Taking more than the usual time to get started

Slowing down

Running in too many directions

Memory is not all there

Might have a serious virus

I finally decide…. it is time…I must and I will make that appointment and take it to Dr. Tech, he will give it a check-up and make it better.

Sometimes our computers are like our bodies, they start giving us symptoms when we aren’t functioning normal and it might be time for us to make that appointment and get that check-up to make us feel better.


3 thoughts on “Time For A Check Up

  1. You had me going there for a minute! I was expecting the need for a check up to be personal. What a twist when it turned out to be the computer. The second I read “Dr. Tech” I knew I was had. Nice piece!


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