All She Desires

Today is our granddaughter ‘s 4th birthday. We called her early this morning to wish a happy birthday. She was so excited that it is finally here because for the last couple of weeks, every time we asked her what day was her birthday, she would excitedly respond, “it’s March 18th”. She is now realizing it’s finally here…her special day. We will visit her today to take her the birthday gifts we brought her. We asked her what she would like for her birthday to get an idea if we had picked something she would like, so before she answered us we mentioned the following things we thought she might like: a Barbie doll, Dora doll, a new puffy dress, princess pj’s, play dishes, books or some sort of toy. After the list, she quickly answers, “I want you to take me bike riding in the park”. We then added where would she like to go out to eat and she quickly responded, “Can we go bike riding, after we eat”.  This is all she wants……to bike ride with us.

What a sweet desire she has in her heart. At her young age, material things don’t matter to her at this time, all she desires is the simple things in life and that is… have the pleasure of spending time bike riding with her grandparents. That desire melts our heart and also brings a lot of joy to our heart.


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