Spring is Teasing Us

Yes….we are all disappointed that the warm weather that spring let us taste didn’t stay with us longer. But it was just giving us a taste of what it will really feel like, when it is finally here to stay.

Well ….at least for one thing …..we can’t deny that spring days are around the corner, because we are seeing the signs everywhere. We hear the birds chirping, we see the tulips bursting from out of the ground, trees with buds that will soon bud out, spring flowers being sold in stores, stores flyers advertising flowers and gardening supplies, and best of all don’t forget that break that will come in the Spring.

So stay hopeful, it will come and stay when it is ready, (even though we have been ready  since winter started).

But then, let’s think of those who actually prefer this colder weather and this weather is making them happy….So let’s be happy for them because they are enjoying their kind of weather!


4 thoughts on “Spring is Teasing Us

  1. You write about what everyone is thinking – darn spring – come and stay. Such a picture you create when you speak of the signs. I especially liked “tulips bursting” as I feel it represents the bursting everyone feels. Then end is unique. Good idea to reflect on those that are sad to see the cold weather go. Good slice,


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