He Thought He Was Going to Try Someting New

My husband who loves sweets, is willing and likes to try new bakery places to try out their pastries. There is this one place that we have driven by numerous of times and every time we pass it up and he always says, “we should have stopped and tried that new place”. But by that time he finishes his sentence, he has already passed it up, and its too late. So I tell him next time we come this way again, we can try it out. Well on this occasion, we are going to our son’s house, and without any hesitation he stops so we can try it out.  The place is called “Nothing Bundt Cakes” on LaGrange Road. We enter this place and of course, it specializes in exactly what the names implies…bundt cakes. They have all kinds of delicious flavors of  bundt cakes; lemon, carrot cake, chocolate chip, raspberry, chocolate marble, pecan praline, white chocolate, cinnamon swirl, peanut butter chocolate chip, red velvet and white chocolate raspberry. They are all decorated with chocolate, vanilla and cream frosting. They all look very delicious. After getting greeted, and finding out that this is our first time there, they give us information about the sizes, flavors and prices of the bundt cakes.  He decides he is going to try out and purchase the carrot cake Bundlet (that is what a single serving is called). We go to my son’s house for dinner bring back the grandkids with us. After we get home we forget to take down the Bundtlet from the car. So in the morning I tell my husband that our Bundtlet is in the car and he gets it. He brings it in, and of course the grandkids see it. So after lunch, I promise to give them a piece. Well by the time I cut a piece for each one of them….guess what…there was no piece for my husband. Guess we will have to stop by again and this time make sure the grandkids aren’t going to be around.

So much for my husband trying out something new. Oh well….next time he will have to try another one and this time I might join him….that pecan praline sounds more and more delicious.



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