Back on the Trail

Yesterday, my husband and I joined others and decided to go outdoors to enjoy the nice, warmer weather and get back on the track, (that is the walking trail). Since we live right across the street from the track, we can actually skip and jump right onto it. We have no excuse for not going on it but I must admit there are days in which my husband and I will sit on our back deck and just watch everyone else do their rounds on the track.

As we are walking on the trail we notice that all kind of persons are on it. We observe that some are: kids and adults of all ages, and all type of shapes…some are short, tall, thin and some a little overweight.  Some are walking, trotting, jogging and running at a either a slow or fast pace. We can’t help but wonder what are some of the reasons for everyone on it. So my husband and I came up with some of our reasons why they’re on the trail.

Here are some of ours reasons:

Some do it for health reasons

weight loss

to stay physically active

to stay in shape

to get back into shape

for cardio

for physical therapy

for mental therapy

to reduce stress and anxiety

Some may be training themselves for cross training

Maybe training to run the 3k, 5k and so on.

Some just want to walk to enjoy the warm and fresh air outdoors

I’m sure there are so many other reasons why they are out there….our reason for being on the trail is to enjoy spending time with each other and to talk and laugh about some of the events of our day or just talk and remember some of the memories we have shared together. We have begun to walk the trail and hopefully we will walk it more than just watch the people walk it.


3 thoughts on “Back on the Trail

  1. You are living a writerly life, Diana! Something so simple as walking the track and wondering about people and their motivations for being there. That’s what we writers do. And, I love how you are bringing your husband along for the noticing. Good job!!


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