We Will Soon See Color All Around Us

Good Bye Winter….Welcome Spring!

It is a wonderful season….it is the time where I love to see how God’s creation of nature once again come back to life filled with many beautiful colors. Dark gloomy colors everywhere will being replaced with the many beautiful color of nature that will be all around us.

I will never forget, the first time my mother-in-law came from Mexico to visit us. She arrived before the Spring began and she saw everything dead and gloomy and she said “does everything stay this way because everything looks dead and gone for good”. As days passed by she began to observe the different beautiful spring flowers blooming, buds on tress turning into leaves, different fruit tree buds blossoming into some white and pink blossoms, grass returning to it dark green color, dry shurbs turning back into their own beautiful color. By the end of Spring, she said, “it’s a miracle that everything that looked so dead and gloomy… is now alive with color”. I told her…. that’s exactly what my God does…miracles…..and that includes bringing life to the dead!!

Enjoy the beautiful colors that we will soon start to see everywhere.





2 thoughts on “We Will Soon See Color All Around Us

  1. it is a special time of year. Today it is gloomy and rainy here, but we do already have budding flowers and a few wildflowers popping out. Thank you for sharing the transformatino that your mother-in-law experienced.


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