No More

No more “quiet” house

No more “watching” our own TV shows

No more “house in order”

No more “cook” whenever we want

No more “eat” whenever we want

No more “empty” coat racks

No more “come” as we please

No more “go” as we please

Plus a lot of other “no more” that we have enjoyed as empty nesters.

So for one week we will have our three of our grandkids (ages 3,7,12) staying with us 24/7.  We will have a busy week ahead of us. Having our grandchildren here will bring me back memories of loving and caring for our own children. Plus of course the very busy daily routine that we had with them daily, which included sending them off to school. But at least we have practice of having them over because each one of our grandkids since they have been born have they slept over mama & papa’s house every weekend. Their visits for the most part have always consisted of sleeping over from Friday to Sunday.  But despite of the hard work. It will be a great joy to love, care,spend quality time and built beautiful memories with them. Let the week begin!!!


3 thoughts on “No More

  1. I love the beginning of this piece, all the “no more” statements. Very effective! Have fun with your grandkids! I’m sure you’ll be exhausted – but it will be well worth it!


  2. Cute slice Diana! I like when you said at least you got practice so you were ready for this week! It will definitely be exhausting, but many memories will be built. Enjoy! 🙂 I liked the format!


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