First Time Blogger

So I’ve decided to take the “blog” challenge and to tell you the truth I have mixed feelings. I’m excited and nervous. I usually don’t do these technology/network thing, (if that’s what you want to call it). because I don’t even do Facebook or instagram.  I ‘m the type of person that likes the simple life without too much technology. I was satisfied with the simple technology for example with our home line, I didn’t think I needed a cell phone. But my kids thought we needed to have one (probably to track us down). But again I was just satisfied with a simple flip phone with limited amount of minutes per day just to make any emergency calls. But my kids are the ones that thought we needed the latest…..internet, texting and unlimited of calls a phone with all the works. But anyways, I feel blessed for the kids the Lord gave us because they care enough not to tell us that we need it but purchase the phone and the plan we need and they have been paying for it. By the way, despite us having our cells phone we still can’t let go our land line for our home phone. So getting back to “blogging” I will try my best and give it my all.


5 thoughts on “First Time Blogger

  1. Yes! This is quite a leap for you, then, but look! You did it! Day One is done! Do your kids know you’re blogging?? They’ll really think you’re something now! Ha!

    I am looking forward to reading your stories this month. Welcome to our community!


  2. Good for you – stepping out of your comfort zone! I like how you tied it to technology as a whole and let us in on a small glimpse of your family. It made me chuckle when you said your kids want you to have it probably to track you down. I can totally relate. If my parents didn’t have a cell phone – it would drive me crazy. I get worried when they don’t answer. 🙂 Good first post!


  3. The technology will fall into place. The exciting thing is that you are writing! I could feel the love for your children come through! Welcome to this writing community! It will be such a fun month of sharing!


  4. Think of blogging as old school technology, a throwback to the past. It has been around quite a while, after all. Re. the landline. It’s hard to cut the chord. I know. My husband and I did it a few years ago. We haven’t missed that phone as it typically shattered our silence w/ telemarketers and political pollsters. My cell phone gives me much more control over phone incursions because I keep the phone on “silent” most of the time. I’m a teacher and don’t want my phone interrupting class anymore than I want students’ phones ringing, buzzing, and beeping.


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