Time Is Precious

Year in – Year out

Month in – Month out

Week in – Week out

Day in – Day out

Hour in – Hour  out

Minute in – Minute out

Second in – Second out

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”. Steve Jobs 

Time is our best resource ….let’s live life to the fullest with each second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year by making the most of it and valuing it.

Remember the clock of life never stops to give us more time. It just keeps ticking away.



What Was it?

Was it his friendly smile as he greeted people when they entered?

Was it his willingness to assist them in whatever help they were in need of?

Was it his willingness to stay late when extra help was needed?

Was it his polite mannerism in speaking with them?

Was it his willingness to help other workers?

Was it his willingness to go the extra mile?

Was it his punctuality?

Was it his willingness to take responsibility to all the duties given to him?

Was it his willingness to switch his working day & hours to help another coworker?

Whatever it was……they noticed and he was awarded and presented him with a plaque, “Associate of the Month”

We are very proud of our grandson.

Here I Am…..Here I Am

When my granddaughter was 2 years old, she used to sing us a song using her fingers. All the fingers represented a member of the family. As she sang, “Daddy finger, daddy finger where are you?” She would bring her hand from behind her and she would lift up one of her fingers that represented daddy. Then she would then sing, “here I am, here I am” She continued singing the whole song until one by one all the family members were mentioned.

Well, now she is 5 years old and she doesn’t sing that song anymore because she says, she’s a big girl now and feels that song is a baby song. But funny, she refuses to sing us the song (which we refer to it as the “Daddy song”) but her grandparents seem to sing part of that song all the time.

For example,

Every day when I come home from work or from being out. I walk into the door and if I don’t seem to hear or see my husband, I start singing….”where are you, where are you”and wherever my husband is (whether he is upstairs or downstairs) I will hear him singing (making his voice) in a childish voice: “here I am, here I am”.

Then on occasions, when I can’t find something (keys, TV remote, phone charger etc.) I will sing “where are you, where are you” (while I’m trying to find that item) then from a distant I can hear my husband’s voice in a childish tone again, (trying to be the voice of that item) “here I am, here I am”.

Amazing how these two grownups grandparents don’t feel it is a baby silly song and will sing her song all the time.



Sometimes you love them and sometimes you don’t


Sometimes we love the big ones or sometimes the little ones


Sometimes we love them for any occasions or it is a….just because


Sometimes we love them for us or someone else


Sometimes they’re expensive ones or inexpensive

Surprises will make us happy or frustrated

Surprises sometimes are welcomed or would like to reject them

Surprises give our life an expected turn and change our daily routine in our lives

But then that is what surprise stands for: an unexpected event, fact, or thing

So when they do come….one way or another (glad or sad) we learn to deal with SURPRISE!



Kids Having Fun

Kids running happily…going  everywhere, not knowing what to do first

Kids running game to game, not knowing which to play first

Kids running around with their tokens in their hands

Kids running around with their hands on a little buckets filled with tokens

Kids crawling on the floor looking for some of their tokens which have been dropped from their hands

Kids running and trying their chances to do their best at every game

Kids knowing that the better the game was played the more tickets they will get and be able to use for the bigger prize they want

Kid’s eyes wide open … as they see the tickets spitting out of the machine

Kids jumping up and down because it seems like the game machine doesn’t stop spitting out tickets for them

Kids not wanting eat anything because they don’t want to stop having fun

Kids screaming running away from that big, tall mouse dressed up

Kids running excited toward that big, tall, mouse dressed up, for they want a chance to shake his hand

Kids waiting patiently as they enter their tickets into the game machine to obtain the total number of points they earned

Kids at the counter to collect their prize(s)

Kids spending a lot of time at the counter not knowing what prize to choose

I’ve always found it amazing….how those plastic little prize toys puts a big smile on the kids

These are some of things I will see kids do today at…….Chucky Cheese

Looking Around

Everyday my day starts

Looking around

Being more observant

Everywhere I go

Everything I do

Looking around

Being more observant

With the things around me

Is there anything strange

Has anything changed

Looking around

Being more observant

In my life

Is there anything new

Or something that I have been through

Everyday my day starts

Looking around

Trying to capture something to write and share for my slice!



Behind Closed Doors

It happens every morning…..rain or shine

One by one they go behind closed door, (since I’ve had the privileged of being behind those close doors, I can relay, what’s really happening back there)

These are the regular, routine noises that I hear every morning

It first starts with the shaker. The shaker is filled with water to the exact line (they have marked the container so they won’t go over their water limit)

The freezer door is being opened to get those frozen bananas (that they keep in stock).

Then with their two small hands, they bring over the big, freezing, ice bag taken from freezer to the counter. They don’t use the ice cubes since that would be a lot of ice cubes trays per day, that they would have to fill daily. They have learned that the bags of ice are more convenient.

Then the bang, bang, bang is heard so cubes could come apart and be thrown into the blender container.

Suddenly I will hear the noise of the ice and frozen bananas splashing into the water of the shaker.

The last ingredient (the magic powder) silently makes its way into the shaker along with the banana and ice cubes.

Sometimes on occasion, I will hear the combination of other fruit makes its way into the shaker, (but for the regular, they seem to enjoy their normal fruit…the banana)

Then what really brings it all together is the blending and mixing of everything ….by the Ninja.

The power of the ninja mixes it very well, (the mixing is done in increments of seconds that gives it, its perfect consistency (that might be the secret to their perfect shake).

The final perfect thick mixture, (like a milk shake, that they love) is carefully poured into their own special cup.

They sip it carefully not to get a brain freeze.

Sometimes at the beginning before they start to sip (or some of them are brave enough to wait until the end) they put their jackets on to be prepared for the coldness and they will feel.

Their fingers and hands freeze up – due to holding their cups.

Their lips freezes up – due to the cold mixture freezing their lips.

Their bodies shiver due to the freezing feeling and that is felt throughout their whole bodies.

Then when they are down to the end…..the finale is heard….the big slurping sound. That’s the sound that they have been satisfied with their delicious shake.

Then to thaw themselves , they will make a cup of tea to warm themselves up.

Then guess what….it’s starts all over again tomorrow.

I must admit I’m a little jealous because that magic powder is really giving them great results.